Rent To Own Financing

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Heritage Carports Rent To Own Financing Benefits

No Credit Check
Everyone Qualifies
No early pay off penalty
Variable Payment Plans

Why Consider Rent To Own ? -(RTO)

If you don’t have the money to buy the carport or building you want, or you need the carport in the future,but you won’t have the money when it comes time to pay for it, or you just don’t want to let go of a few thousand dollars at one time, then Rent To Own financing (RTO) from Heritage Carports is the answer for you.

What Makes RTO Financing from Heritage Carports Different?

You will Only be charged for the months you rent the building, not for the entire term of the rental contract! Unlike other RTO companies that have extra charges that they charge you that don’t go towards paying your carport off, every penny you pay goes towards the cost of your carport!  Other company’s charge instalment fees etc. but with Heritage Carports all you have to do is pay 15% for your down payment, and then the first month’s rent at the installation of your carport. Super Simple And Easy

What Payment Options Are Available With Our RTO Financing?

You can chose to pay for your carport, garage, or building, over 24,36, or 48 months. And if you want to pay it off ahead of the initial agreed time frame, you can without any early pay off penalties !