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If you are looking for a pergola or patio cover for your backyard, then Heritage Carports is where you can get your custom built pergola or patio cover, to suit your needs and outdoor living requirements! Each of our structures is built onsite, at your premises with the highest quality materials. Heritage Carports are a leading top-quality local pergola and patio cover manufacturer providing homeowners with the ideal outdoor living structure, across North Carolina. As a company, we aim to provide you with not only the best pergola and patio cover prices in North Carolina, but also the best quality in the build too.
While we are not the largest pergola construction company in NC, we are dedicated to building a reputation as a quality manufacture and installer. We are not just providers of high-quality  custom design pergolas and patio covers, but also as a company that installs, on-site, to the highest standard.
Our highly trained team of experienced building specialists work tirelessly to ensure your pergola, or patio cover, is constructed to the very highest standard.
We can build a cover for any customers needs big or small.

Pergola & Patio Cover Examples

We recently constructed a custom design pavilion for one of our clients, for their pool side. This is what they said about the project, on our Facebook page.

Love my new pavilion from Heritage Carports! Happened upon their ad on Facebook and decided to give them a call. Best decision I made. Very professional and easy to work with! Installers C.J. and Aaron did a fantastic job. Would highly recommend.

pergola and patio cover by pool

Other Examples of Pergolas & Patio Covers


Why Having A Custom Built Pergola or Patio Cover Can Improve Your Home Effortlessly


5 Reasons To Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space With A Pergola

Pergolas or patio covers (as they are often referred to) are the perfect ways to enhance the usability and privacy of your outdoor space. Of course, having the right cover for your patio goes beyond the obvious benefits. In fact, many homeowners find that they raise property values, extend outdoor living and even help regulate indoor temperatures. Here are five reasons to give these structures a second look:

1. Indoor Heat Mitigation

Very few homeowners really take the time to consider that pergolas help mitigate heat. In fact, they are often the only defense layer that your home has against the hot rays of the sun. As an added bonus, your well-constructed patio cover is also able to draw the harmful UV rays away from your home. That means cooler temperatures indoors and less UV damage!

2. Protect Your Investments From Solar Damage

It was briefly touched upon in the previous point, but your pergola can help defend your home against solar damage. The strength of the sun’s UV rays can break down most chemical compounds and permanently discolor or harm everyday objects found in your home. This is especially true if you live in an area where it’s usually sunny year-round. In short, pay attention to the UV index of your area as you may find yourself surprised!

3. Use Your Patio Year-Round

Inclement weather can make it hard to enjoy the outdoors, which is why a patio cover can help you get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air. You’ll feel amply protected against the elements whether it is rain or shine. In essence, you’re extending your indoor living space outdoors.

4. Add Curb Appeal

A well-constructed patio cover that’s customized to your specifications can make your home’s design look sleek and modern. Add interest to an otherwise mundane looking property by selecting a pergola that matches your facade. You’ll be surprised at some of the great features available that many homeowners tend to overlook. Plus, should you look to sell your property somewhere down the line, potential buyers are guaranteed to look for interesting features.

Most people find that a pergola also has the uncanny ability to bridge the gap between the indoors and the outdoors. This seamless transition allows for a well-designed exterior.

5. Spend Time Together As A Family

Most kids are ignoring their parents as they opt to chat on social media or play video games. A pergola in your yard makes the outdoors seem appealing to youngsters and teens. You’ll find that you’re spending more time together as a family and you enjoy time away from technology. There’s a time and a place to enjoy gaming, listening to music or chatting online, but it shouldn’t replace human contact with your loved ones.

There are many reasons patio covers or pergolas are such useful additions to a home. Whether you wish to enhance your property’s curb appeal or just want to create entertaining space safe from the elements, the right company can help with seamless installation from start to finish.

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