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Metal Carports  

At Heritage Carports you can get your custom built metal carport, garage, RV cover, barn, or commercial building, to suit your needs and vehicle requirements! Each of our structures can be built onsite, at your premises, if you want with the highest quality materials.

We can build a cover or building for any customers needs big or small. We can do a single car cover or even a small cover to shade a picnic area. We also build garages, RV covers or large units for commercial use or agriculture use and well as provide blueprints to certify our units whether it be for individuals carport to pass county inspection or for a unit to pass commercial inspections for large businesses.

Our highly trained team of experienced building specialists work tirelessly to ensure your carport, garage, or barn, is constructed to the very highest standard.

We also offer Carport Kits!  Not everyone wants their carport installed, some people like to put it up themselves. So if you want to build/install your carport yourself, you can with our carport kits. You simply order your carport from us and get a discount if you choose to collect the carport kit directly from our shop.  We can deliver to your premises, but there is an additional cost and that cost varies depending on where you are located.

We pride ourselves in having one of the best lead times and product warranties in the industry . We offer a wide range of products and options for our  customers to try to fit each one of our customers needs . We can also provide financing and Rent To Own. We have the best RTO program available on the market.



Heritage Carports has a wide variety of standard, pre-engineered structures and offer
near limitless customization options to meet your needs.


20x40x9 carport with storage room

20x40x9.  Starting Price $7910.

Down Payment $1200.

Est Monthly payment $380

This carport has room in the front to park you cars or truck with a storage room to securely keep all your valuables. Say goodbye to having a separate storage building and carport. You can now have Two In One And save BIG. These style units are extremely popular because of the two fold purpose they provide. You can put garages doors in the storage unit so you can easily park you ATV, dirt bikes, Zero turn mower, or any other big toys you may have.

|Vertical roof 2 car carport from Heritage Carports in North Carolina

20x25x8 Starting price $3680 

Down Payment $530

Est monthly payment $175

Two car cover with a back siding to protect from the sun and elements and the front with two frame outs for a better curb appeal. Adding extra options not only makes a cover look a lot better but also adds structural integrity. There are many ways to customize and dress up carport covers. Ask one of our representatives about the best size to purchase for a double carport, something many companies won’t tell you when buying a double carport.

Metal Garages

Large garage with 2 roller shutter doors from North Carolina based Heritage Carports

24x30x9 Starting Price $7420. 

Down Payment $1125

Est Monthly payments  $357. 

A fully enclosed garage perfect for storage, workshop, or just a 2 car garage This unit pictured comes with the vertical roof option as well as horizontal sides. You can choose from different sizes of garage doors and windows, as well as the colors. This is a very popular choice for someone looking for a 2 car carport. Another popular choice is the 24 x 25 x 9. 

Notice that this land is not level! It is extremely important to make sure you have a level location to make sure your build will not only look great but also so we can properly install your carport. Speak To Us Today About Our Site Inspection Service

Side entry garage with 2 shutters from Heritage Carports NC

24x 30x 9 side entry Starting price $7420.

Down Payment $1050

Est Monthly payment. $333. 

This is the popular 2 car garage with extra room to store your lawnmower, ATV, or any extra items you might need.

We can design these buildings to have the doors on the end or on the side, whatever works best for your situation.We offer many different colors to choose from as well as insulation and RainX.

Ask one of our customer sales representatives why it is so important to go with a 24’ carport and what most companies wont tell you when looking for a 2 car carport or garage.


42x20x12x8 barn

42x20x12x8. Starting price $7920.

Down payment $1200

Est Monthly Payment $380

Our stunning heritage barn style building. These style buildings are great to cover a large amount of space and save money by not going with a clear stand building. You can get this building completely opened or fully enclosed. Ask one of our friendly representatives about the different options and styles we offer.

Large box eve barn from Heritage Carports in North Carolina

42x301x12x8 box eve horse barn Starting price $8770

Down Payment $1310

Est Monthly Payment $415 

These style units can be used for a wide range of purposes whether you need to shelter your belongings from the weather or have a RV that needs protection along with additional storage room, or for farm use, these units serve a wide range of purposes. These units are also nice to customize and look great no matter what!

RV / Boat Covers

rv cover

20x35x10 VR Cover Starting price $7365

Down Payment $530

Est Monthly Payment $175 

Here’s a classic RV cover. We offer 3 different roof styles. Although the VR style is the best option available, we do offer other styles. Ask one of our sales representatives for the best options for your need. 

RV and Boat Cover manufactured by North Carolina company Heritage Carports

20x35x10 RV/Boat Cover Starting Price. $5465.

Down Payment $750

Est Monthly Payment. $335. 

Units like this can be used for boat covers, or RV cover. We can build you just a cover, partially enclosed unit, or fully enclosed unit. Whatever your choice, we will keep you in the Dry!

Heritage Carports – Reviews

Below are just a few examples of the reviews we have received for the work we have carried out, in constructing metal carports in the North Carolina area for our clients. You can check these reviews out, and more, on our official Facebook page.

Why Having A Custom Built Metal Carport Can Improve Your Home Effortlessly

A carport is an excellent way to protect your vehicle from the elements of nature. Additionally, it can be used to protect your vehicle from any potential theft. Did you know that carports can also improve your home in many ways? Now, with Heritage Carports you can create a custom one with the preferred shape, size and place it in your chosen location.

How Can A Carport Improve Your Home?

a) Improve The Curb Appeal

With a custom built carport, you can integrate it in the overall design of your home. It’s going to serve as a complementary feature rather than an eyesore. Currently, there are many homeowners adding carports to their homes for many reasons. For instance, it can be used to store much more than your car. If you have a boat, a carport is also a good place to store it. Even better, you can protect other items such as large lawnmowers, RVs or jet skis as well as tractors. Basically, it’s an extension of your home and it will bring about a great curb appeal.

b) Shade During The Hot Months

If it’s too hot during the summer months, you can use a carport to provide shade. Here, your children can enjoy the outdoors without being necessarily scorched by the hot sun and you can also bring out some lawn chairs and relax there. It will serve as an additional patio or porch. A lot of homeowners are building carports as an extension to the existing garage.

c) Convenience

How many times have you found yourself juggling with your garage door opener trying to get indoors with your shopping bags? Well, with a carport, you can enjoy a lot of convenience. You can simply park your vehicle there and bring out the bags then head directly to your home.

Even better, you don’t have to waste a lot of electricity opening and closing the garage door all the time. Don’t forget about the maintenance costs of keeping your garage door in a good working condition all through.

d) Durability

Over the years, carports have completely changed. Now, we can build your own custom carport with different materials including aluminum, wood, heavy duty steel or polycarbonate. Each one of these materials has its own advantages and demerits. Overall, you can enjoy a durable material for your carport.

Can Carports Improve The Value Of Your Home?

Besides the aesthetic value and the other benefits outlined above, carports have also been known to improve the value of your home in a few ways. First, prospective home buyers can rest assured that their vehicles are secure when in the compound. Additionally, they are protected from the weather elements.

On the other hand, custom built carports can blend in with the original architecture of your home so they always look like they belong. You need to create a style that blends in perfectly with your home’s current look. It will improve the appeal of the entire home. Finally, carports provide extra storage space and that’s always something that new home buyers are interested in when looking for a vacant home to purchase.

Heritage Carports

Heritage Carports has several top-quality local installation teams covering the whole of North Carolina. Because we are a local company, we can bring you the best metal carport prices in NC, with excellent financing and the best Rent To Own option around.

Our team of experienced installers can advise you on your custom design metal building to ensure a quality installation. As a company, here at Heritage Carports, we spend time discussing your needs and listening to what it is precisely you are looking for in a carport, be it for 2 cars, for an RV, or your boat. Maybe you need a metal garage for a commercial project. Because before we start any work, we want to know exactly what it is you want. After all, not every carport, metal garage, or barn is the same. That is why we offer a custom design facility.

Here at Heritage Carports, we offer a wide range of metal carports and buildings in various sizes and requirements, to residents of North Carolina.

What You Need To consider before Ordering your carport

The first thing to do is to qualify the building requirements in your local area, as some areas require certifications for wind and snow load ratings. We provide blueprints to certify our units, whether it be for individuals carport to pass county inspection or for a unit to pass commercial inspections for large businesses.

You will also want to make sure that the size of metal building you want, meets local regulations for building size limits. The last thing you want is to find out that you have exceeded the storage building size limits.

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